I enjoy living life to it’s fullest. I strive to live in the moment each day. I’m not always scheduled and sometimes I go where the wind takes me. That’s part of what makes me who I am. You may notice some randomness in my blog which is what I enjoy most. I like to learn new things and overcome the challenges that life brings me.

I’m a wife to an incredible and supportive husband. We are no longer “newly-weds” but rest assured, we still act like it in many ways. We’ve been married since 2002. We have five beautiful children from tornado toddler to a terrific teenager. My profession is residential real estate but I like to do many things. I enjoy public speaking alone or with my husband to inspire audiences. I am a musician with a praise band but also play trumpet when the occasion arises. When I was a bit younger, I actually dreamed of being a professional and famous trumpet player.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed getting my hands dirty and breathing in an unnecessary amount of sawdust. I came down with the project bug during 2020 and I haven’t stopped yet. I hope you enjoy my posts and creations!

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