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It’s a cat thing

Luca finally gave in to snuggling next to me
Luca finally gave in and snuggled next to me

Here I sit on my cozy couch with our gray cat, Luca, snuggled right up next to me. He spent about five minutes trying to wrestle his way onto my lap before he realized he did not stand a chance against the computer for prime lap space. This cat is so sweet and determined. He is a beautiful cat. I probably should not own a cat, let a lone two cats. I am allergic to cats. I’m not sure if I am allergic to all cats, but I am certainly allergic to Luca. He is a lover. I’m pretty sure he thinks I am his human and he owns me. When I sit down, he comes over and climbs on my lap. Then he proceeds to climb up higher and higher to rub his nose on my face as if he is giving me kisses. He will rub his cold wet nose vigorously on my arm and hand until I give him my undivided attention. This is not unusual for any cat, but he is certainly one of the most determined cats I have ever been owned by. Tom laughs when Luca is mauling me when I am trying to do something other than give the cat attention.

Then it begins. My eyes get itchy. I use my hands to rub my eyes. More dander is introduced since I was just petting him. Next, I begin sneezing. I believe my record is around twenty. My eyes become red and I make friends with the kleenex box.

I have learned that I can be besties with my gray furry friend if I can just keep him away from my face. I also have to keep my hands away from my face and wash them. In a perfect world, Luca and I would be inseparable. But, for now… I’ll keep the tissues close by.



Sing with me! "I've got personality"

Sing with me! “I’ve got personality”

I like to write. I enjoy sharing my stories and I┬áhope other people will like them too. I have gone through phases of my life where I have kept a journal. When I was a young girl, I had a journal that was about 3 inches by 5 inches big. I may still have it in a memory box, somewhere. I recall writing about my friends and simple day to day things in life that consume a young girl’s mind. Somehow, the thrill of writing in a journal never quite stuck with me. I would lose interest or perhaps forget where I kept my “secret” diary.

When I was in the military, I kept a journal of my life while I was deployed. There were many things that were not appropriate to talk about on the phone, so I would write about them with the hopes of sharing them later.

There have been bible studies I have really enjoyed where I was challenged to write about my faith journey. I did not manage to keep up with those either.

Three years ago, our son had an accident that kept him hospitalized for 49 days. I started an online journal to keep everyone updated on his progress and recovery. That was the longest journal I have ever kept and now I am making it into a book. I kept it up consistently for a year and then tapered off after a couple years.

There are many times in life when I have used a journal. For me, it sometimes works as a therapy. It is a way for me to openly share and express myself. Sometimes it’s just for me. Other times, I share with anyone who will listen and it is used to show God’s love.

Here I am again. This sounds fun! No one has challenged me to start a blog, besides myself. I do not seek this out to be just like everyone else. This is me. I like to share and you are free to follow along. It’s my life.